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Presenter Perspectives: A Global Perspective on Cardiovascular Disease Complications in Diabetes


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A Global Perspective on Cardiovascular Disease Complications in Diabetes

Saturday, June 26, at 4:30 p.m. ET

Q&A with Kavita Singh, PhD

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What is your presentation about?
This session presents a global pattern on cardiovascular disease and diabetes burdens across regions, the association between diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and mechanisms linking diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Lastly, prevention and management strategies to reduce the burden of CVD in diabetes patients are discussed.

What makes this topic important in 2021?
In view of the changing patterns of disease burden — i.e., decline in CVD burden and rise in diabetes and its metabolic risk factors such as obesity and high blood sugar — it is highly important that we understand the distribution and determinants of these changing patterns in disease burden, to mitigate the impact of rising diabetes burden and cardiovascular complications globally.

Which subset of attendees shouldn’t miss this presentation?
This session will be useful for both researchers (diabetes epidemiologists) and care providers.

What else should Scientific Sessions attendees know about your presentation?
This presentation is a reminder that there is one big question that remains unanswered — i.e., although people often say that the “burden of CVD among populations with diabetes” is increasing in low- and middle-income countries, there is no empirical evidence in terms of actual incidence rates. The CVD burden among diabetes patients could be increasing, or it could be decreasing like high-income countries, with just an increase in prevalence due to greater survival.


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