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We Need to Know How Often the Glucose Is under 54 mg/dl


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We Need to Know How Often the Glucose Is under 54 mg/dl


Currently, the definition of hypoglycemia differs between regulatory bodies as well as across clinical trials and national guidelines. This variation in hypoglycemia definitions has limited the diabetes community’s ability to accurately measure the burden of hypoglycemia and to compare the impact of different therapies on hypoglycemia across clinical trials. As a result, the International Hypoglycemia Study Group (IHSG) recently proposed a revised classification of hypoglycemia that has been adopted by the ADA, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, and a number of other organizations. These include JDRF, International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes, Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes, the European Medicines Agency, and a number of pharmaceutical companies. In his presentation, Simon R. Heller, MD, FRCP, discusses the rationale behind the IHSG’s proposed definitions, how these definitions have impacted the current guidelines, and what steps still need to be taken to adopt a universal hypoglycemia definition.

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