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Researchers to review early clinical trial results examining next generation of automated insulin delivery systems


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Richard M. Bergenstal, MD
Richard M. Bergenstal, MD

Researchers will review new data from four clinical trials examining the latest generation of automated insulin delivery systems during a two-hour symposium on the first day of the Virtual 80th Scientific Sessions. The Next Generation of Automated Insulin Delivery Systems for Persons with Type 1 Diabetes—Four New Clinical Trials begins at 2:00 p.m. CT Friday, June 12.

Richard M. Bergenstal, MD, who will present one of the trials, said the symposium will highlight the rapid evolution of the field since 2016 when the first automated insulin delivery system was approved.

“Here we are four years later and we now have two approved systems and we have a whole symposium on the next generation of systems to see how they can further benefit people with type 1 diabetes, building on the encouraging data from the previous systems,” said Dr. Bergenstal, Executive Director of the International Diabetes Center at Park Nicollet.

“The exciting part about this symposium is that we have two companies who are going to release the first data about their new automated insulin delivery systems, plus there’s a National Institutes of Health-sponsored study looking at a population probably most in need of automated insulin delivery. We’re finding out who can benefit the most, in addition to how these systems work,” Dr. Bergenstal said.

Here’s a closer look at the session’s four presentations:

U.S. Advanced Hybrid Closed-Loop (AHCL) Pivotal Safety Study
Bruce W. Bode, MD, Emory University School of Medicine and Atlanta Diabetes Association, will discuss the first data on the Medtronic MiniMed Advanced Hybrid Closed Loop (AHCL) system evaluating the safety of AHCL in the home setting for both adults and children with type 1 diabetes.

FLAIR—An NIDDK-Sponsored International, Multi-site Randomized Crossover Trial of AHCL vs. 670G
Dr. Bergenstal will review data from the NIH-supported trial Fuzzy Logic Automated Insulin Regulation, which compares the effectiveness and safety of the presently approved 670G automated insulin delivery system to the next-generation AHCL system. The study is being conducted in adolescents and young adults who have had challenges achieving optimal glucose control.

New Zealand AHCL Randomized Crossover Trial
Martin de Bock, FRACP, PhD, University of Otago, will discuss a randomized, crossover study comparing the new ACHL system with sensor-augmented pump therapy with predictive low-glucose management.

Horizon Automated Glucose Control System Pre-pivotal Trial Data
Bruce A. Buckingham, MD, Stanford University, will review the first outpatient data on the Omnipod automated insulin delivery system. The trial consists of a 14-day standard therapy data collection phase followed by a hybrid closed-loop phase. The study data presented will represent study participants in hotel or rental house settings, and in-home settings.




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