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Presenter Profiles: Role of Extracellular Matrix in Mitochondrial Homeostasis


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Role of Extracellular Matrix in Mitochondrial Homeostasis

Saturday, June 4 at 9:00 a.m. CT
Room 217
Level 2, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center


Streaming: On-Demand (after session)

Q&A with Kevin M. Tharp, PhD

Kevin M. Tharp, PhD
Kevin M. Tharp, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar,
University of California, San Francisco

What is your presentation about?
My presentation will show how physiologically relevant properties of the extracellular matrix alter mitochondrial structure and function. This surprising relationship between the physical properties of the cellular microenvironment and metabolic programming is a key determinant in tumor aggression and may underpin fibrosis-associated metabolic dysfunction.

What makes this topic important in 2022?
This presentation will elicit concerns about continuing to study cell biology on tissue culture plastic surfaces now that bioengineered or organoid culture systems are broadly applicable.

How did you become involved with this area of diabetes research or care?
These studies are the result of further mechanistic investigations that developed out of efforts to fabricate biomaterial-based strategies to generate synthetic beige adipose as a metabolic therapy.

What are you most looking forward to at the 82nd Scientific Sessions?
I’m very interested to learn more about patient care and emerging therapies.