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Presenter Profile: Food Noise Explained—Satiety Responsiveness and Motivation Processing in the Brain


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2024 Presenter Profiles

Food Noise Explained—Satiety Responsiveness and Motivation Processing in the Brain

Monday, June 24, at 1:30 p.m. ET
Room W307
Orange County Convention Center

(Livestream Available)

Effect of Behavioral Weight Loss on Satiety and Food Motivation

Ellen Schur, MD, MS
Ellen Schur, MD, MS

Ellen Schur, MD, MS

Professor of Medicine,
University of Washington

What is your presentation about?
Many patients experience changes in appetite after losing weight through behavior changes. These can accentuate hunger, reduce feelings of fullness, and intensify cravings and thoughts of food. This presentation will help providers, patients, and researchers understand how the brain’s response to weight loss affects appetite and food motivation.

How do you hope your presentation will impact diabetes research or care?
I believe it’s important for providers to understand both the patient’s experience of attempting weight loss and the science of the weight-reduced state. I hope this presentation will provide insights into the powerful pathways in the brain that can make weight maintenance challenging after behavioral weight loss.

How did you become involved with this area of diabetes research or care?
I am interested in how biology shapes behavior and how behavior influences biology. Studying body weight regulation is fascinating because there are so many important factors to consider including culture, psychology, behavior, and physiology. In addition, I feel strongly that sharing the science of body weight regulation is a way I can help fight weight bias and stigma, which further benefits patients.

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