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Call to Action—Recommendations and the Four Critical Times


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Call to Action—Recommendations and the Four Critical Times

12:40 p.m. Sunday, June 14

Seven leading national health organizations issued a consensus report detailing recommendations to improve health outcomes and quality of life of persons with type 2 diabetes and reduce health care costs through maximizing diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES). The report provides evidence for the need for increased utilization of DSMES, four key times that DSMES is most beneficial, and specific recommendations for both clinicians and health systems to increase access to and participation in DSMES services. This presentation provides guidance on the educational focus for both providers and educators at the four key times: at diagnosis, annually and/or when not meeting treatment targets, when complicating factors develop, and when transitions in life and care occur. There is a focused discussion on the barriers that exist to referring to and participating in DSMES from the perspective of health systems, providers, and persons with diabetes. In addition to concrete recommendation to address these barriers, a call to action is included to provide key stakeholders tools to promote referring to and participating in DSMES services. The 2020 DSMES Consensus Report and supporting resources can be found at:


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