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Presenter Perspectives: Clinical Inertia—Treatment Deintensification


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Clinical Inertia—Treatment Deintensification

Monday, June 28, at 12:20 p.m. ET

Q&A with Rajesh Garg, MD

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What is your presentation about?
There is clinical inertia to deintensify diabetes treatment despite the potential harm of overtreatment. Studies have shown that deintensification of diabetes treatment is carried out in only about 26% of the eligible patients. Our data show that high complexity of anti-diabetic medication regimen is associated with diabetes-related distress, and simplification of anti-diabetic regimen improves glycemic control and reduces the risk of hypoglycemia. Therefore, physicians should not shy away from deintensifying the treatment regimen when indicated in certain patients.

What makes this topic important in 2021?
Deintensification inertia is a new term being used for the first time. Individualization of treatment regimen is emphasized in this talk and deintensification of diabetes treatment needs to be considered more often.

Which subset of attendees shouldn’t miss this presentation?
Anybody providing clinical care to patients with diabetes should listen to this presentation. This is especially important if your patient population includes older people.

What else should Scientific Sessions attendees know about your presentation?
Clinical care of diabetes has been evolving over the last decade. Deintensification of treatment in a select group of patients is a relatively new theme and it is becoming a focus of attention.


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