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Medical Management of Erectile Dysfunction


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Medical Management of Erectile Dysfunction

1:15 p.m. CT Friday, June 12

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common complications of diabetics. It does affect him, his partner, and their relationship. It’s a marker of impending coronary artery disease. It’s highly prevalent, less asked about and is a psycho-, vasculo-, neuro-, hormone, iatro-, and genetic issue. Over the last two decades, many pharmacotherapeutic agents have been studied and have shown promising results. Newer therapeutic agents have also been in the pipeline like stem cells, gene therapy, nanoparticles, etc. Certain arginine supplements also have shown a great improvement in the sex lives of diabetic men. Nutritional intervention, correcting hyperglycemia, and associated metabolic disorders that affect the endothelium like hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity, and optimum therapy with PDE5 inhibitors can be of great help to diabetics in restoring their sexual functions. If one asks for the symptom of erectile dysfunction in a male with family history of metabolic syndrome early in his life and counsels him for adopting lifestyle measures, erectile dysfunction is a “correctile dysfunction,” and if one does it, sex has no expiry date.


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